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BurstCopy is the hard-drive accelerator that significantly increases file transfer speed, while also providing you with a wealth of features. Its value and functionality have been acknowledged by several software websites, as can be seen in the adjacent image.
High Transfer Speeds

By taking full advantage of the DMA support provided by your hard-drive, and using dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times, BurstCopy will significantly reduce the time you spend waiting for files to transfer.

Retry / Skip Errors
With BurstCopy, any errors that you may typically encounter will not terminate your transfer. A friendly window will inform you of the error, and allow you to choose the appropriate action (skip, retry, abort). With its help you can easily recover from errors like unreadable files, temporary network disconnections, or a simple disk full.
More Features

Transfer rate display.

Available in twelve languages.
Pause and resume transfers. Skin support.
Batch file support. Noise reduction.
All confirmations are displayed on transfer start. Audio notification of transfer status.

Network notification of transfer status.

Context Menus

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